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ScanRope manufactures steel wire ropes of highest quality, designed for marine applications. This means particular emphasis on corrosion protection, including high zinc weights on the roping wires as well as careful selection of high grade lubricant for mooring application. Tensile 1770 N/mm2 has been selected for mooring ropes/fire wires. Increased tensile will give more brittle wire materials, shorter lifetime.

Lubrication should be made with a penetrating oil, to fill all cavities. The rope should ideally be bent so that the rope opens, and the penetrating oil can easily be applied.

The most important figure for steel wire rope is MBL (Minimum Breaking Load), this is the figure to be used for brake hold capacity, mooring line strength and tail rope dimensions. Terms like Actual-, Average- and Tested load should not be used in these calculations.

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