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DYNAMAX 12-Strand

This twelve strand braided rope, made from DYNEEMA™ high modulus Polyethylene fibres type SK 75, has the highest strength to weight ratio in the current range of braided ropes.

Special characteristics are:
  • Light Weight – Floats
  • High strength – similar, size for size, to wire rope
  • Torque balanced 12 strand braided construction
  • Abrasion resistant polyurethane coating
This "wire rope" laid construction offers higher strengths for the same weight than a twelve strand braid. Dynamax 6™ rope has six strands of high strength Dyneema™ fibre laid over a Dyneema™ core strand, in very similar fashion to a traditional wire rope. The whole rope is protected from abrasion by the addition of a braided jacket.This non load bearing jacket can be made of polyester or Dyneema™ yarns, depending upon the application. With a Dyneema™ jacket the rope is actually buoyant.

Special characteristics are:
  • Light Weight
  • Very high strength – similar, size for size, to wire rope
  • Abrasion resistant braided jacket
  • Compact construction works well on winches
  • No potential hand injuries due to broken wires

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